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Multi Plug

Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from New Delhi, we offer 5 ampere plug, multi plugs, hepl 6648 power strip, 3 pin conversion electrical plug, multi electrical plug and 3 pin multi electrical plug.

Cell Charger

The charging protocol (how much voltage or current for how long, and what to do when charging is complete) depends on the size and type of the battery being charged

Water Tank Alarm

Water Tank Overflow Alarm is an innovative electronic gadget that is of immense use in the household. The effective use of the electronic gadget ensures that the overhead tank is filled accurately without letting the water overflow thus saving water.

Extension Cord

An extension cord, power extender, drop cord, or extension lead is a length of flexible electrical power cable with a plug on one end and one or more sockets on the other end. The term usually refers to mains extensions but is also used to refer to extensions for other types of cabling.

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Hilex Electronics

We, Hilex Electronics, are most trusted and appreciated organization founded in the year 2000, at Delhi, (New Delhi, India). We are the prominent and most secured name in the market offering finest quality assortments of Multi Purpose Adaptor, Multi Plug and Cell Charger. The offered electronic items are quality perfect and designed by our most qualified and skilled professionals and experts with the proper utilization of basic materials...

When we choose wire for the house, we should give importance to quality and not price. Using high-quality wire increases its lifespan, high-quality wire is durable and can last a long time without problems. Using cheap wire quickly spoils it and as a result, our money is wasted. That is why experts always advise using high-quality wire. The high-quality wire should always be preferred as you can also reduce the light bill for using high-quality wire.


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